14th April 2015

Well, two weeks to go until my DHI hair transplant with DHI in Geneva (April 29th and 30th 2015).

I am still relatively anxious about the whole ordeal, but I regularly search for successful DHI before and after photos which helps put my mind at ease.

I have from time to time some weird dreams though, the last one being that the Dr wasn’t able to use my own hair for the recipient area, so he had to use someone else’s long hair…very weird lol.

The clinic has answered any enquiries that I’ve had since my consultation took place. I feel I already know the procedure inside out as I’ve been researching it for over 6 months and watched countless videos on YouTube, but it’s the smaller questions like; can I wear my hood jacket over my head from the clinic to the hotel where I’ll be staying at to hide the bandages.

I guess if it doesn’t turn out to be a successful transplant, which I know the possibility of that is very low, I’ll just keep shaving my head at a 0.

Hairs to you,


  1. Hello, i wish you luck!
    No, i advise you to not wear the hood , and to not touch at all the implanted areas the first few days, and not hit it or touch very hard in the first two weeks.
    The grafts are very sensitive in the first hours/days, they almost can “pop out” even if you don’t touch them if you don’t rest and make phisical effort, so covering them with a hood would be a very risky idea. Why risk your money/grafts for the minor downisde that some strangers would see your head?

    Myself i had two sessions at DHI Romania in 2013 and 2014 and the results are very good, i need one more mini-session for some small spots in June. So if you have other questions, i can give you some “experienced” answers.

    • Thanks mate!
      I have come to the conclusion I will just have to suck it up and not worry about what people are thinking, as you said, strangers, so it’s not like I’ll see them again lol

      That’s great that you’ve had positive results. Who was your Dr in Romania?

      How long did the redness last after your sessions? I’m having PRP with mine too so hopefully that will help the healing process and speed things up.

  2. The redness lasted ~2 weeks in my case. That is, after 2 weeks, there was hardly any evidence that i had surgery. However, as i understood, it depends on the patient’s individual phisiology, in other patients it can last longer.
    Oh, and it’s important to avoid sun exposure for a couple of 3-4 months after surgery, because it can make the implanted areas red again.
    My doctors were dr Konstantinos Dyonisiou for the first, and then dr Felix Popescu.

    • OK great, thanks for the tips. What percentage of the donor hair ended up falling out and then regrowing? Not looking forward to the ‘ugly duckling’ phase.

  3. In my case, almost all, yes, it’s not a pleasant phase, but it only lasts 3-4 months.

    • Ahh well, I guess I’ll just keep clipping my hair short for a little while longer then 🙂