Day 1 – 29th January 2017

So here we are again, Day 1 Post HT!

Today I travelled back home, by car this time, so about 4hrs. Long drive, but it seemed to go by quickly which was good.

Sleeping hasn’t been too bad. A little tricky to find a comfortable spot to put my head on my pillow without touching any of the grafts. I found using one of those U-shaped travelling pillows helps quite a bit as it has a smaller surface area.

Still no pain at all, and I’m yet to take any pain killers. I can feel that both the donor and recipient areas are getting a little itchy, so I guess that means it’s all starting to heal. I’m not touching the recipient area yet, but if I gently tap on the donor bandage it helps.

Not too much to report yet obviously, but I get to remove the donor bandage tomorrow so I’ll post some photos of that area. Washing of my head will be the next day after that.

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