Day 4 – 1st February 2017

Here’s where I am at Day 4 Post HT, and to be honest it seems like it’s been longer than that for some reason.

Everything seems to be going well and on track, so I’m happy.

I’ve been a little more vigorous encouraging when it comes to the removal of the scabs this time. I think with my first HT I was too paranoid about hurting any of the grafts, but in doing so leaving the scabs there for a longer period of time might not have been the best option and could have even slowed down recovery. Not too sure. Anyway, this morning I applied the Baby Shampoo on my head before I got in the shower and left it on for about 15 minutes to soak in. After that by gently using my fingertips in a circular motion I was able to remove a lot of the scabbing, and then after hopping out of the shower I did the same again, this time it was even easier as they were soft from being under the water.

After a few hours my scalp was feeling very dry, so I got in touch with Paul at DHI Brisbane to ask if it was ok to use some Organic Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil is really beneficial for hair health, so I figured it be good to try at least. No additional redness or irritation after applying the small amount, and even more scabs came off while I massaged it into the scalp. It feels a lot better using the oil, so I’ll keep up with that.

Still using the provided cream on my donor area twice a day, aswell as the medication, both of which I can stop using tomorrow.

Some redness is still there, but it is only day 4 and my ghostly complexion probably doesn’t help either 😉

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