Day 5 – 2nd February 2017

Almost scab free at day 5, and it’s looking really good.

Haven’t used any coconut oil today as it’s not feeling as dry as it was yesterday. I also think it may have even made the scalp a little redder, so that’s another reason I stopped.

Donor area is a little sensitive and sore at times just at the back below the crown, but for the most part it’s fine, and the recipient area doesn’t seem to be as numb compared to the last HT either so that’s good.

Just one more pill to ‘pop’ tonight and that’s it for the medication and any creams I was having to apply.

Really stoked with how the hairline is looking after this last HT. Fingers crossed I don’t go through too much shedding and it just continues to grow.

Not much else to report at this stage!

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