I’ve recently been looking around the internet for some solutions to help create the illusion of density while I’m waiting for the next HT to happen.

I came across a few companies that make these tiny little fibres that attach themselves to your hair. I decided to give it a go as they’re pretty cheap and I have nothing to lose.

I hopped on to Ebay and bought a bottle of Caboki in Light Brown, and also Toppik in Medium Brown. After applying (search YouTube for videos on how to do that), I then add some hair spray to help hold everything in place.

Results are below. I’m not the best at applying it at the moment (added too much on the crown I think), but it takes some practice apparently.

The colour isn’t an exact match, but pretty close. I’ve asked a couple people if they can see anything in my hair, and even from a foot away, they can’t. I had my hair a little longer and tried adding some, but it just didn’t look great or work very well. I’ve found it works much better since I had my hair cut shorter.

Results are under fairly bright lights, so in darker areas it looks even better.

Click the image for larger view/slideshow