Month 1 – 28th February 2017

One month! So yeah, looking kinda thin at the moment and I’m patiently waiting for the new growth to start.

I’ve had a couple pimples/ingrown hairs show up, so that could be a sign that it’s starting to grow already which is good, but from memory it all started to grow back from around the 3 month mark.

Still taking finasteride, but have stopped taking the Hair/Skin supplement I showed last week due to some stomach issues it was/might have been causing.

Not much else to report at this stage, but the photos will speak for themselves.

See you at Month 2, hopefully they’ll be some more density to show.

Click the images for larger view/slideshow

  1. Hi there! Thanks for the post. Wanna check – most of the hairs that I’m seeing in the pictures belong to your 1st HT, right? How much of your transplanted hair from the 2nd HT has shed? I’m about to reach my 1st month as well but I only shed about 15% or 20% of my transplanted hair. I thought I should be expecting more shedding. Also, did you experience any sharp pain on certain parts of your transplanted area? Thanks!

    • Hi! Yes I would say a lot of them are from the first HT. Kind of hard to say how much has shed this time around, but at a guess maybe 40%. 10% has grown and the other 50% are short hairs which you can’t really see in the photos that haven’t grown or fallen out yet. They’ll get pushed out when the new hair comes through. I think everyone is different when it comes to shedding, maybe you’re just lucky 🙂 Did you mean sharp pain where the grafts were implanted?