Month 10 – 28th November 2017 (Images taken on 9th December (oops) 2017)

Hi, sorry about the late update. I was away on holidays and then spent the last week catching up with work.

Things are looking pretty good, however the crown is still a little thinner and takes more time to style to try and hide it lol. But overall, quite happy with the progress.

Still no meds or rogaine use, just thickening shampoo/conditioner and multivitamins.

See you in a month. If you have any questions feel free to make contact either through the blog on on Instagram @hairtransplantdiary

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  1. Looks great pal. Ever thought about some concealer fibres in crown. Not that it’s bad but a small amount would cover what u are trying to. I’m 3 month post of still fine I had to cut it short as it looked bàd and had a function I need to grow it out to get layering effect.

    • Thanks Degz. I have some fibres here actually, I should see how they go now. You should start seeing some growth from now, exciting times ahead!