Hi everyone, sorry that this month has been delayed. I had my hair really short at the beginning of the month so I figured there wasn’t much point in posting any photos. I’ve now grown it out a little bit though.

I’ll be honest. I’m happy that there is obviously a huge improvement to my hair since having it done, but a little disappointed that it’s fairly thin looking and I’m still reluctant to grow it out. I hate being in direct sunlight with longer hair when you can clearly still see my scalp. Same goes for when you go swimming. For me, the shorter it is, the better it looks, but I’ll grow it longer for a little while anyway. Maybe I was expecting too much from 2 sessions, but it’s pretty clear now that I’m going to probably need quite a bit done on my crown and more throughout the top.

Still using the Caffeine shampoo 2-3 times a week, plus Biotin 6mg per day, but have dropped Rogaine.

See you at Month 11!

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Before and After 10 Months


  1. Hi mate, know the feeling but when u compare to ten months ago u have gone from nothing to a good hairline can’t say in overly impressed with mine either

  2. Hi been looking at you on Instagram.. I’m coming up to month 2 and Im aware that the hair falls out but my donor area is really itchy still. Is this normal? Also I do see a huge change in yours but I really hope I don’t have to go for another transplant incase I don’t get the results. I have a 6monrh guarantee if I’m not satisfied would you recommend I take it up incase this happens in month 10. Because by then I won’t have the chance to get it done for free, should I just take it up when I can ? Please reply