Month 11 – 28th December 2017 

Not much change at this stage, although I feel that the hairs are starting to mature and thicken which helps with overall density. Any changes from this point on will be fairly small, but I can expect it to continue to mature up until around month 18 tops. All in all I’m really happy with how far it’s come, not to mention how happy I am that I now feel confident enough to not wear a cap everywhere I go.

See you at the 12 month mark. If you have any questions feel free to make contact either through the blog or on Instagram @hairtransplantdiary

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  1. Hi just wondering if you had your procedure done in Sydney if not whereabouts.

    • Hi Simon, I had my first DHI procedure in Geneva Switzerland, and the second was in Brisbane.

      • Okay thank you, looks good front doesn’t look fake.

        • Thanks, yes it looks very natural. Quite happy with the results.