Month 11 wow! Only a few weeks to go before I hit the 1 year mark. As you can see I’ve kept growing out my hair and it is looking thicker, but only because it’s now longer. Haven’t seen a whole lot of change in it personally, but I’ll keep growing it for a little while anyway.

There really isn’t a lot more to add sorry, the photos speak for themselves. Obviously it doesn’t look that dense/thick under sunlight though.

I’ve started doing some research into another HT which I’d like to get done maybe later in the year. I’m back in Australia now which makes things a little more difficult as there aren’t many options here, plus the costs involved are crazy. Undecided whether I’ll use DHI again, or go with someone who uses the traditional FUE technique. Nothing against DHI at all, they did a great job and my hair is looking more like it did 10 years ago, so no complaints there, but in the end it’ll just come down to who can give me the best job at the best rate. My donor area feels and looks pretty thick still, so no doubt I should be able to have a fair amount harvested from there without it becoming too noticeable. And yes, I’ll be blogging the results from my second HT aswell 🙂

See you all next month.

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Before HT and After 11 Months



  1. Thank you for your regular updates on this blog. Has really helped me!

    Your HT looks phenomenal!! I’m at the. 1.5 month mark currently.

    Hoping for the best… 🙂


    • Thanks Zameer! All the best with yours 🙂

  2. Hello men.

    Amazing results.

    It is Helping me to take a decision.
    I would like to know how many grafts did they put you and how many sessions?
    Also do you have any scar,White dots or something irregular?
    I have almost the same head Shane as you and I will do it but my idea is to have my head Almost shaved. Does it look good?

    Thanks man.

    Regards and again,you have very good results and natural

    • Hi Adri, thanks for the nice comments.
      I had a two day session.
      On the first day I had 1350 grafts placed in the frontal third of my scalp which included the rebuilding of my hairline, and on the second day I had 1005 grafts placed on my crown.
      Definitely no scars or white dots that would be noticed by anyone.
      Shaved head looks fine, and that’s how I’ve had my hair for the majority of the time since my HT. It’s a little longer now which I’m not as confident about, but I’m getting more used to it 🙂

  3. Definetly it is working, very different from 3 months ago, hope mine will look like that. I would recommend you keep the same method for a next HT. My scar was huge and the Post Op, very uncomfortable and it for sure makes the area look a little different compared from what i see in yours. I did mine at bosley about two months ago and if needed i will try a less invasive method in the future. Personally the wait is driving me nuts I tought it was faster but it is what it is. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Thanks Lorenzo. haha yes, that waiting is the WORST! 🙂