Month 3 Post Transplant: 1st August 2015

Well into Month 3 Post HT now and it’s really starting to come back from that horrible shed. Everyday it’s looking a little thicker and darker. Still using Minoxidil once a day at night and trying to have a high protein diet to help feed the hair as many nutrients as I can.

The donor area is great now, can’t detect that any grafts were taken from there.

Have attached photos below, but the photos don’t really do it much justice. It looks MUCH better in low light…so I tend to sick to the shadows when I’m in public, just kidding. I’ve also attached a photo that was taken 13 days after the HT so you can see the comparison. Only at the very beginning of the new growth, so I’m looking forward to the next few months. Other than that, not too much else to say really. On a side note, I didn’t realise how grey I was going! 🙂

Click the image for larger view/slideshow

  1. Looks good pal, you must be pleaswd

  2. Hi and thanks for sharing with us your wonderful journey. At this point many follicles will start producing their first hair. You can help them pierce the skin by using an exfoliating cream on your scalp once a month.

    Wishing you great results.

    • Thanks for that suggestion Nat. I’ll have to grab some 🙂