Month 5 – 28th June 2017

Anyone else think this year is going by too quickly??

Month 5 now and it’s slowly looking more dense as the months go on. There’s a couple lighter patches on my crown which need to catch up, although I was laying down before I took the photos so that might have made it look worse. I added some fibres and it looks much better (scroll down for that photo).

I was asked to take some closer photos of the donor area, so I’ve done that and also added them below. You’ll see how it looks after 2 HTs and just over 4,000 grafts.

Not much else to report at this stage, but I’m happy with the way things are heading.

Click the images for larger view/slideshow

With Fibres. Very quick job applying them lol

Donor Area at 5 Months and after 2 HTs (approx. 4,000 grafts). These were taken a week ago and an hour after a haircut. #1 blade on the bottom graduated to a #2, so quite short.


  1. Hi R., results are starting to take shape, coverage has greatly improved over the last few months and the donor site looks virtually untouched. With about 60% of the hairs now adding coverage, I can’t wait till next month…

    • Hi Paul, really happy with the progress so far. Can’t wait for the next couple months too!