Month 6 – 28th July 2017

Just hit the halfway mark! The last month has been a little slower to be honest and I haven’t seen a whole lot of change. Maybe that’s because the obvious growth takes place from months 3-6, and then it slows down?? I’m not sure. Let me know what you think, and if you can see any change from last month’s photos.

The left side of the hairline seems to be lagging (as it did last time), and still looks fairly thin in certain light. There’s also a rather bare patch on my crown which isn’t changing, so I might need to get a little touch up there at some stage.

Overall still happy with the results, hopefully it does continue to thicken up so, especially on top and the left side of the hairline.

These photos were taken using two very bright video lights, one on either side, so it’s quite harsh conditions that resemble direct sunlight (EDIT – Took some under the midday sun which are now below). In darker lit environments it looks even better.

Click the images for larger view/slideshow

Direct Midday Sunlight – Still quite thin…I’ll keep wearing a cap outside I think lol