Month 6

Month 6 Post Transplant: 1st November 2015

Wow, here we are at month 6, or halfway!

To be honest, I can’t say there has been any major improvements since last month. My GF says she can see alot of new hairs coming through, especially in the crown area so that’s good. I’ve been looking on Google and YouTube trying to find results of other guys at the 6 month mark and I look to be pretty well on track with everything. Their hair appears to be pretty similarto where mine is now, and they have gone on to be very happy after the 10 month mark. So I guess I’ll just keep on wiating and being patient.

Still using Rogaine, but not religiously really. I’m tempted to start taking some Biotin as recommended by Tom Forester (<< YouTube Channel Link). Go and check out some of his videos/results, they’re pretty impressive, however he’s had two sessions now and are just the regular FUE (not DHI’s method).

I’m still undecided about growing my hair out. I just don’t know if it’s going to look thick enough and if the hair that hasn’t grown out yet will catch up to the rest to add density as it grows. At the moment I can still see too much scalp to feel confident in doing so.

Anyway, time for the photos. Will be back at month 7.

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  1. Big improvement on the before photos, you now have a definate hairline. Thanks for sharing!

    • No worries! If I can double what I have now at the end of the 12 months I’ll be very happy.

  2. Happy to see your results at 6 months 🙂
    Why don’t you try to let them grow now to give us an idea of how thick they already are?

    All the best

  3. Have had the same procedure in London this week with DHI after seeing your blog so thanks so much for posting. Really interesting to see the different stages I’ll be going through (6months behind you) 🙂

    • No worries at all! Glad you found it useful. All the best with yours, and don’t forget to take heaps of photos for comparison 🙂