Month 7 Post Transplant: 1st December 2015

Hi guys, and girls too! Good to see I’m getting some enquiries from not only males as this kind of procedure is great for anyone 🙂

So here we are 7 months post HT. This was a big month for me as I’ve started growing my hair and it’s now the longest it’s been in close to 10 years. This also meant my first trip to the hairdressers to get the sides faded and blended with the top. I can also now use hair product again! I thought I’d be stuck with having to deal with just the one look for the rest of my life.

Seeing as I’m now back in Switzerland where it all began, I got in contact with Mathilde at DHI in Geneva to see if she wanted me to come in for an evaluation. A few days later I hopped on the train and saw her. The evaluation process is pretty easy, it’s to answer any questions I might have and to also see where the growth is at. Below you can see Mathilde using the software which helps estimate how much growth I’ve had from the newly implanted hairs. So far I’m at approximately 72% growth, a little more to go thankfully.


This month I’ve taken the photos, and I will continue to do so, in bright direct light. I hate this kind of light still, but I am seeing a difference slowly as my hair grows and thickens. As you can see in some photos it looks ok, but in others (like the top of my head) it’s not great. At 7 months post op I realise there’s still quite a bit of time left for it to thicken, so I’m not too concerned just yet.

As far as what I’m using, I’ve just started washing my hair with Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo C1 (grey bottle/red lid and label), and applying Rogaine twice a day aswell. That’s pretty much it.

Now time for the photos, and I’ll see you in a month.

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