Month 8 – 28th September 2017

Hey everyone, another month down. As you can see from the photos below I’ve kept growing my hair out. I’ll get the sides and back cut over the next few days, but I wanted to take the photos with it longer. You’ll notice at this length along the sides/back, there’s no evidence that anything was removed from there.

The crown is still lagging a little, however looking much better than before that’s for sure.

Nothing much else to say really, so I’ll see you again at Month 9.

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  1. Looking great. How’s the texture of the transplanted hair?
    Is it more coarse? Did you have to undergoe any post surgery hair sofetening sessions?

    • Thanks! The texture is exactly the same as the rest of my hair, there’s no difference at all. No post surgery sessions are required either 🙂