Month 9 – 28th October 2017 (Images taken on 1st November 2017)

Hey everyone, apologies for the delayed post. All new photos posted below.

No major updates, but you can probably see by the images that it’s a little thicker.

See you in a month. If you have any questions feel free to make contact either through the blog on on Instagram @hairtransplantdiary

Click the images for larger view/slideshow

  1. Great results. I’ve just had a second fue. I hope to get results like this. Do you also take finasteridr or consider fibres to thicken further ?

    • Thanks Degz, hopefully you get the results you’re after.
      I’m currently not on any medication at the moment. I do have hair fibres here which I use from time to time, but haven’t felt like I’ve needed them in a few months since it’s thickened up more.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve been keeping up to date with your progress and the results are looking really good.

    I’m considering my 2nd transplant and this blog is very helpful.

    Your donor site still looks thick even after you’ve had it cut shorter.

    Was wondering if you’ve tried using dermmatch?

    I’ve used it ever since my FUE and it makes a big difference and is far less obvious than the fibres and sprays I’ve tried before. I think it would probably look even better on your hair as you’ve got more hair than me now!

    Thanks and keep posting!

    • Hey Gonzo, yes the donor site is still looking pretty good, quite happy about that as I like to have my hair shorter on the sides…helps hide the grey coming through too lol
      I haven’t tried Dermmatch tbh, but I’ll look in to it for sure. Thanks for the suggestion.
      All the best with your 2nd HT if you decide to go through with it, let me know how you get on!

  3. Just found your diary and have found it to be very helpful in terms of what to expect from my recovery. I just had my first FUE procedure (2,500 grafts) yesterday in the greater Chicago area in the US, so today is only DAY ONE for me. I know I’ve got a long road ahead, and your diary is helping me to keep my expectations realistic. Thanks very much.

    • You’re more than welcome! Glad sharing my journey has helped you out. All the best with yours 🙂