DHI Brisbane, Australia – 25th/27th/28th January 2017

Why a Second Transplant?
If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I had my first HT in May 2015. The reason I wanted a 2nd one was because since then my crown area had gotten a lot thinner, and I was also wanting more density around the hairline and behind it. This will most likely be my last as my donor area will be pretty much exhausted by now. If I was to get anymore done, the donor area would then begin to look thinner.

I chose to stay at the Astor Metropole Best Western on Wickham Terrace. This hotel was great for the price and it’s only a 2 minute walk to the clinic. This is a great location for those that might feel a little self conscious about walking through heaps of people with your head bandaged up. Mind you it’s really not too much of a busy pedestrian area, I may have only seen about 5 people. If you have a partner/wife/husband/etc staying with you, a good option is to choose a Twin Room, that way you’ll get your own bed to sleep in and no risk of your head being accidental hit during the night 🙂

Pre-Procedure Red Light Therapy – 25th January 2015
Two days prior to the first session I dropped in to the clinic to meet the team and to undergo 15 minutes of red light therapy. What this does is trick the body into healing mode even before you’ve had anything done.


Session One – 1300 Grafts – 27th January 2015
Today I arrived at the DHI Clinic in Brisbane, Australia at 8am where Paul, the clinic’s Manager, aswell as Dr Senanayake, and Assistants Clarissa and Teah were there to greet me. First on the agenda was to sign the documents, take some antibiotics for pain and swelling, have my photos taken and of course the shaving my head. In some circumstances you won’t need your head fully shaved like me, so if for example you’re a female and concerned about that, don’t be. I also had another 15 minutes of red light therapy. I then went into the procedure room where Dr Senanayake gave me some local anaesthetic on the back of the head where the donor grafts would be coming from. This is the bit where there really is only a little bit of discomfort. From around 9am through to just after 1pm I was on my stomach, face down while the grafts were removed. After that I had a half hour lunch break where I got to choose anything I wanted to have for lunch. I went with a Korean Chicken Salad, so something light. From then it was time to focus on filling in the crown. After some local anaesthetic to the recipient area we got under way. This took a few hours to get those 1300 grafts (2600 hairs) in. I spent my time napping on and off, talking and laughing with the team, and also watching the series ‘Shooter’ on Netflix. We were all done by just after 5pm and back to the hotel I went. I was given a spray bottle of saline solution which you need to spray the recipient area every half an hour while you’re awake. No pain at all, and I didn’t even need to use the pain killers I was given (it’s now the the 29th January and I still haven’t!)


Session 2 – 1140 Grafts – 28th January 2015
Today’s focus was to strengthen my hairline and to create more density behind it and through the the crown. We started at 7.30am and because there was no paperwork or anything else to do, just some antibiotics and more red light therapy, we were able to get off to an early start. On the bed just before 8am and I was there till around 12pm when we stopped for a short lunch break…you guessed it, another chicken salad 🙂 By around 4pm all the grafts had been put into place and I was almost ready to go home. Before that though I had some more red light therapy, aswell as PRP. If you’re not aware here’s a brief rundown “Platelet-rich plasma (Abbreviation: PRP) is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. As a concentrated source of autologous platelets, PRP contains several different growth factors and other cytokines that can stimulate healing of bone and soft tissue.” So basically the day before I had some blood taken, they extracted the plasma from it and then applied it around my donor area to help promote faster healing.

Before I left I was given a little pack with full instructions on how to take care of everything, aswell as some medication, more saline solution, and a few chocolates 🙂


I asked to have some photos taken during the procedures to give you an idea of what goes on. I also wanted to see it from a different perspective lol.






I am feeling really confident with this second hair transplant and believe it’ll give me the results I’m wanting. I can already see a reduction in the redness and this would be because of the red light therapy that was used. This is something that I didn’t have for my first HT, so if you get the chance I would recommend it.

The team at DHI Brisbane were fantastic and I can’t thank them enough. Stay tuned to all the updates, and Follow me on Instagram if you’re not already @hairtransplantdiary

Hair Breakdown:
Day 1: 1300 Grafts 
Day 2: 1140 Grafts

Total Grafts from HT1 and HT2 = Approx 4,800