Tuesday 7th April 2015

Today was the day of my consultation with Mathilde at the DHI Clinic in the heart of Geneva. From first impressions the clinic is very clean and located in a great spot, close to public transport and also many shops and restaurants.


Mathilde was very welcoming and showed myself and my girlfriend (who came for support) to the waiting room where I filled in the appropriate forms. Mathilde speaks English really well, so if your first language is English, then there’s no need to worry.


We then made our way to the consultation room where I had all my questions answered like; how long does the procedure take, who will be the doctor, recovery times etc etc.

Next Mathilde calculated my available donor hair. Fortunately for me I discovered that I have quite a lot to use for my DHI transplant (and any future transplants), close to 21,000 hairs, or 10,000 grafts available which was great news.


So now the date for my Giga Session (2 day session) is booked, April 29th and 30th!



  1. So you have a very good donor area, the future sounds good. 🙂
    It is way above average, average donor area is 5000-6000 graft. With 10.000 grafts transplanted in several interventions you could practically get to a full head of hair-looking.

    • Yes, I was really happy with the donor count. I always did have thick hair in my teens, so I’m stoked that I could have a chance to have a full looking head of hair again 🙂

  2. Best of luck, mate.