Session One – 1350 Grafts:
Today (29th April 2015) I arrived at the DHI Clinic in Geneva at 10am and was warmly greeted by Mathilde the Clinic’s Manager who took me to my private room. First on the agenda was to sign the documents, take some antibiotics for pain and swelling, and then the receptionist took me to have my photos taken. After that I got into the blue scrubs and slippers and had my head shaved. I’ve always shaved my head so that was a big deal to me.

My Private Room


After that I met Dr Exarchos and his assistant who were both really friendly and let me know what was happening at all times.

After a few local anaesthesia injections the Dr began the extracting of the donor hair from the back of my head and left side. That lasted around 3.5hrs and I had a lunch break after that. Lunch is provided by the clinic and I chose to have something light, a chicken salad and an apple.

After lunch the fun began. We started with the design of the new hairline. Dr Exarchos drew a hairline which he believed would suit me and I agreed. Nailed it first go.  Then they began to transplant the donor hair into the frontal third of my head. This rebuilt my hair line and added density behind it.

As you can see from the ‘Before’ images, I was missing pretty much everything from my hairline, so the rebuild took quite a while obviously. During that time I kept myself occupied by watching music videos on the TV. 3hrs had passed and we had finally finished day 1. Just a little tidy up and a re-bandage of the donor area and I was off to the hotel.

Medication, protective sheets for the pillows and also a bottle of solution was provided to me. I had to make sure I sprayed the saline solution on my scalp every half an hour until I went to sleep, and the same again when I woke in the morning.





Session 2 – 1005 Grafts:
Today’s (30th April 2015) plan of attack was to fix the density on the top of my head and also the crown area.

Arrived at 10am and was taken to my private room. I had the antibiotics, got into my scrubs and it was time to get started.

First up again was the extraction process, this time the grafts were taken from the back of my head and also the right hand side. Today wasn’t going to be as big as the day before, so this process didn’t take as long.

I chose to have the PRP option which aids healing, and it was placed onto the donor area. I won’t go into the full technical details of what PRP is, but you can read about it HERE.

After my salad lunch we began the implanting. I started off laying on my stomach so that the Dr could angle the grafts in my crown in the right direction, he placed around 200 in there. I then rolled over onto my back and began to fill the top and more around the crown.

By 5pm we were done and I was sent on my way with a sheet of directions which listed everything I needed to know including what antibiotics to take when, also when to shower, when to start washing my hair, and when I could start wearing headwear again…amongst other things.




I am very happy with the new hairline. Once I get to wash all of the dry blood out in a few days I know I’ll like it even more! Until then though I’ll just be staying out of the public eye for a while 🙂 I can’t wait to see the growth in the coming months!

The whole team at DHI Geneva went far beyond my expectations and I would like to thank them very much for the support and quality of service during my 2 sessions. Thank you!

Hair Breakdown:
Day 1: 1350 Grafts – 1 hairs x 378; 2 x 550; 3 x 326; 4 x 86; 5 x 10 –> 2850 hairs Extraction ratio: 2.11 everything implanted on A zone
Day 2: 1005 Grafts – 1 hairs x 200; 2 x 465; 3 x 284; 4 x 54; 5 x 2 –> 2208 hairs Extraction ratio: 2.19 ; 70% implanted on B zone; 30% implanted on C zone

Before and Straight After: