Tonight is officially the last night of being the ‘balding guy’ and I’m starting to get really excited! Not only about the procedure (which is kind of weird) but also the future and the waiting game for the donor hair to start growing. For years I’ve been looking in the mirror and seeing my hairline and thickness get less and less, but now I’ll actually be able to witness the opposite.

Now, I know that there is the ‘ugly duckling’ phase which rears its ugly head (pun intended) after a few weeks when the majority of the donor hair falls out, so my plan is just to keep clipping my hair really short like I have been until it’s over and the hairs start to grow back and thicken, which is around 3 months post hair transplant.

Below is a video which shows the condition of my hair one night prior to the DHI Transplant at DHI in Geneva.

Stay tuned as I’ll upload a short blog after Day 1…if I have the energy 🙂