Week 1 – 4th February 2017

Well there’s the first week down and I can’t believe how good it’s looking. At the bottom of the page I’ve added a photo how it looks now compared to the first HT in 2015. As mentioned in my other posts I have been more encouraging in getting rid of the scabs this time and I’m glad I have.

Still some pink on the recipient area, and the donor area is healing up great. To the naked eye I’m not sure anyone would even notice now.

Donor is a little itchy at times, so I’ve started applying Aloe Vera which is helping that problem. It’s probably helping to heal it faster too.

I’ll see you back here next Saturday for the results at Week 2!

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First HT Compared to the Second. Both at One Week Post

  1. Hey just want to thank you so much for your very detailed journal and photos. It’s very helpful to me as I just had my H.T 4 days ago and I kept coming back to your website to cross reference your progress with mine, making sure I’m on the right track. It’s a very stressful process for me and your journal keeps me sane and assured. Thanks again and keep up with the good work. All e best with your recovery and growth!

    • So glad this blog has been helpful to you. I can totally understand how stressful it can be that’s for sure. All the best to you too, hope you get the results you’re wanting 🙂