Week 2 Post Transplant: 14th May 2015

Today marks 2 weeks since my DHI Hair Transplant. There has been a lot of changes since 7 days ago!

The pain I was in has almost completely gone. According to DHI and Hair Forums it is pretty rare that someone goes through the pain I did. I guess I’m just one of the lucky ones! Sleeping has become alot easier now and I’m almost getting through the nights without waking up. My donor area is still a little sensitive though but that’s reducing each day.

No scabs anymore but my scalp is still a little numb. I assume that’ll take some time to get 100% of the feeling back.

Shedding began on day 12 around the same time as I started using Rogaine. Not sure if that’s a coincidence or not, but from what I’ve read shedding usually begins around that time anyway. But, the sooner they fall out the sooner they regrow right??

Looking at the donor area you can’t even really tell I had over 2000 grafts removed, and it’s only going to look better as the weeks go on.

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