Week 3 – 19th February 2017

Up to Week 3 now and I’ve shed, what appears to be, most of the newly implanted hairs. I still have quite a few of them though that haven’t grown or shed, they feel like stubble in amongst the original hair that has grown out. If they don’t fall out out I’m sure they’ll be pushed out by the new hair when it begins to grow in a couple month’s time.

I’ve recently started taking the below supplement this week. It has 2.6mg of Biotin which is great for hair health. I’m hoping it might help speed up recovery and the growth of the new hair. Not sure it’ll do anything, but can’t hurt to try!

As you can see in the below images I still have some redness, but it is getting better slowly. Donor area is still slightly sensitive but I don’t really notice it at all, and the recipient area is a little numb still. It’s all a waiting game now until the new hair starts growing.

See you at the One Month mark next Sunday 🙂

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  1. How much did this cost You?

    • Hi Simon, each session cost around $10,000AUD, but it all depends on how much you need done and who you go to.

  2. Thanks, are you expecting this to be your last procedure and were you told if it will thicken up on top as much as the sides. Also I’ve read through but can’t remember is the a fue procedure if not what’s the difference from yours?

    • No worries at all. This should be the last one for me, I wouldn’t have enough available donor hair now to do any big procedures anyway. Might be able to have some smaller ones though if need be. It will definitely thicken up on top once all the new hairs begin to grow back, I don’t think it’ll be as thick as the sides, but close to.
      It’s the FUE method when it comes to extracting the grafts, but DHI have their own technique when it comes to implanting them. Most other clinics will create the hole first before placing the graft in, whereas DHI use a one-step method and have a special tool that creates the hole and implants the graft at the same time.